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  Triumph Village- Affordable Bulgaria Property on the Black Sea Coast

Triumph Holiday Village in St Vlas, Bulgaria really does offer a beautiful scenic location only 150 meters away from the beach of the Black Sea and minutes walk to the wooded Stara Planina mountainside. If you are in the market for Bulgarian property as an investment or for just a place to relax or holiday, Triumph Village is worth a look!

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   10 reasons why to buy property in Bulgaria:

  • It's Easy Access-

    Bulgaria is just over three hours away from most British airports.


  • Member of Nato-

    A recognition of the country’s past efforts as well as a guarantee for its safe future.


  • Joining EU in 2007-

    Persistence in meeting all the requirements has become Bulgaria’s emblem placing the country on the clear path towards 2007 EU membership.


  • Bulgaria's Political Stability-

    Political and economic reforms are in progress in a favourable political climate.


  • A Lower Cost of Living-

    Considerably cheaper expenses for your everyday cost of living compared to Spain, Greece or Portugal.


  • Incredibly Low Prices-

    Just with your holding deposit in Spain, you can buy a property in Bulgaria. All properties in the country are freehold.


  • Healthy Climate-

    More than 300 sunny days per year. Average yearly temperature 10.5°C. Average temperature from April through September 23°C. (St Vlas is considered as spa for people with respiratory problems because of the combination of the healthy sea and mountain air.)


  • Life-Giving Waters-

    Bulgaria’s 550 mineral springs cure bronchial asthma and various conditions of the respiratory tract, urological and liver problems, cardiac and vascular diseases, disturbances of the nervous and the reproductive systems, etc.


  • Extremely Varied Landscape-

    Warm, sunny beaches and cool alpine mountains – just several hours’ drive from each other.


  • Friendly Atmosphere-

    Bulgarians are warm and hearty people, renowned for their hospitality to foreign visitors.

  Bulgaria- Next Property Hotspot
    (Provided by 'Sofia Morning News')

Bulgaria is fast emerging as the next property hotspot thanks to its Black Sea coastline, Conti Financial Services, a leading UK overseas mortgage broker told Daily Telegraph.

In an article on Britons' appetite for buying property overseas journalist Paul Farrow announced that Conti Financial Services, launched last Friday a mortgage scheme for Bulgarian properties following a spate of inquiries from people looking to buy in the former Eastern Bloc country.

Around 1.4 million Britons own a property abroad. The article says that although demand for Portuguese properties is on the rise, Spain continues to be the most popular region with Britons.


  Bulgaria Property Bonanza - Sunday Times


     (Provided by 'Sofia News Agency')

Bulgaria's coastline is attracting foreign property investors like bees to honey, wrote Peter Conradi in The Sunday Times. "Old-style communist resorts that were once the summer playground of Russian, Czech and Polish workers are being demolished and replaced by a Balkan version of the Costa del Sol. In scenes familiar from the Spain of the 1970s and 1980s, virgin coast is filling rapidly with apartment blocks and prices are climbing steadily. The price of land, meanwhile, is going through the roof: plots five or 10 miles inland are being snapped up even if the sea views are so distant that you need a telescope." The article points out that the boom is being driven largely not by people looking for holiday homes for their own use but by investors lured by rock-bottom prices and the hope of rapid returns. Estimates show that despite 40%-50% increases in the past year or so, property remains remarkably cheap by Spanish, let alone British, standards. In separate news, The Observer adds more examples of Britons who have purchased a second home in the Bulgarian sun.

Your new home by the Black Sea, Triumph Holiday Village- Bulgarian Property
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Bulgarian property for sale on the Black Sea- Triumph Holiday Village, St Vlas, Bulgaria