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Sveti Vlas (also known as St. Vlas), is 10 km. from Nessebur, a town of world historic significance, 4 km. from the resort Elenite, 5 km. from the resort Sunny Beach, 40 km. from Bourgass town and 38 km. from airport Bourgass

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Sveti Vlas is a beautiful coastal village of approx. 3000 inhabitants, situated just 5 kilometers north of Sunny Beach and 9 kilometers from Nessebar. This magnificent resort is a great combination of beautiful seaside at the foot of the Balkan mountain range. It has been developed into a modern beach destination during the recent years, with brand new hotels and tourist infrastructure (see photos below). This makes it a preferred destination for holidaymakers, who want to enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain while having fun on the beach. The natural conditions- mountain, forest, sea and southern exposure of the mountain slopes, are extremely healthy and appropriate for a full relaxation. The beaches at st Vlas are three with a total length of 1, 5 kilometers- the central beach is the longest one, south of it is the small “Camping” beach and the third one is the beach nearby the new yacht port Marina.


The town is also famous for its brand new and beautiful yacht port, which is being developed close to the water base of the local fishermen. Marina yacht port offers everything needed for a yacht lover to enjoy unforgettable summer holiday. People can hire and even buy yachts there. The professional team of consultants will provide you great service and a real value of money.

Sveti Vlas is a sprawling local village whose spruced-up environs attest to lucrative spill-over business from Sunny Beach. Private enterprise is in full swing with a rash of spiffy-looking small hotels, new holiday apartments, holiday villas and restaurants springing up all over town.

The explosive growth in Vlas translates into an ever- increasing number of diversions for tourists who opt to stay there. Visitors can also avail themselves of the varied amenities and busy night life at Sunny Beach, just 5 kilometers down the road. Sveti Vlas is a more quiet resort that will mostly suit families with kids or people who wish to escape from the noisy resorts.

   History of St Vlas...

Sveti Vlas has a rich history that dates back to the 2th century BC. It was then when the Thracian tribe Larisi founded the town Larisa. During the 14th century AC the town was renamed to “Sveti Vlas” after a patron saint of cattle growers and merchants. During the Ottoman rule the village was known as “Manastir”, because of the five monasteries in the vicinity of the site. It restored its name of Sveti Vlas after the reunification of the Bulgarian state in 1886.

  1. Convenient location

    • 25 minutes drive from Burgas airport

    • 10 minutes drive from the ancient town of Nessebar

    • 5 minutes drive from Sunny Beach resort

  2. Established family resort, with a relaxing atmosphere.

  3. Proximity to Sunny Beach facilities (accessible by a short taxi ride or even a leisurely stroll along the sweeping, sandy bay).

  4. Local sandy beach (stretching for 1 km with average width of 16 meters).

  5. Developed and yet growing infrastructure (a variety of restaurants, local shops internet cafes, sport facilities, new world class marina, etc).

  6. St Vlas can never become over developed as it rests between the majestic Stara Planina mountain range and the beautiful Black Sea coast.

  7. A beautiful combination of sea and mountain climate, considered favourable for those suffering from respiratory problems.

  8. Spiritual origins of St Vlas (five monasteries used to be located near the village).

St Vlas, BulgariaTriumph Village- St Vlas Bulgaria


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