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  Bulgaria offers a unique tourist product on world markets

     (June 2006- Provided by 'Discover-Bulgaria' Written by Veneta Nikolova)

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This summer again, Bulgaria is a favored tourist destination in Europe. Its unique selling proposition, experts say, is the combination of preserved nature, millennia-old history and an inexhaustible potential for rural, cultural and ecological tourism.

Starting from early summer tourists flock to the fine Bulgarian resorts along the Black Sea coast. The inland, however offers tempting virgin spots, perfect for recreation. There are small towns with preserved 19th c. architecture, breathtaking mountainous landscapes dotted with ruins surviving from antiquity and with medieval fortresses, as well as with Roman roads surrounding them.

“I had the chance to travel across Bulgaria and I fell in love with your mountains and nature sights, with the small towns displaying unique architecture and with the amicable locals too”, Jacky Cruchon, head of the urban planning of the French town of Bayonne, told Radio Bulgaria.

"Bulgaria is a country with a very well preserved heritage. Saying this I mean not only the monuments of culture, the picturesque churches and monasteries, but also the handful of ancient villages and towns which are so irresistible. And what about the fantastic nature sights? Definitely you can offer a more specific tourist product with a great potential for unconventional tourism. Very few countries in Europe can boast of such a unique mix of impressive heritage and clean nature.

In the view of Jacky Cruchon Bulgaria is still little known in Europe unlike our Balkan rival Croatia. “Croatia is an excellent destination, but its tourist sites are confined to the seaside. The inland has nothing special to offer. In Bulgaria there are intriguing stopovers virtually everywhere.” According to Mr. Cruchon, accommodation is also good.

"Progress has been made in this regard, too. Apart from conventional hotels, an increasing number of guest houses have been adapted to match tourism standards. This is the right way to go, because in this way customers are treated with genuine, warm hospitality.  These people will acquaint tourists with Bulgaria’s history, folklore and modern culture. Your priority should be to bypass the clichйs of mass tourism”, concludes Jacky Cruchon.


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