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Bulgarian Business on the road to the European Union
   (June 2005- Provided by 'Discover-Bulgaria' Written by Tatyana Obretenova)

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Power generation, information technologies, agriculture, the environment, education and health care are considered priority areas for Bulgarian business on the road to EU accession, Sasha Bezuhanova, Vice-President of the Bulgarian International Business Association told a Radio Bulgaria reporter.

Says Mrs. Bezuhanova: “The state should seek ways to optimize investments in health care establishments financed by the national budget, and their number should be reduced to the reasonable minimum, while improving at the same time the quality of service. The reform in the education system should lay emphasis on setting up a network of state-of-the-art facilities, and should establish very close ties between universities and business.”

Bulgaria has agreed to close down inefficient or polluting productions under the specific commitments related to EU environmental standards. BIBA proposes the setting up of public-private waste depots. As regards power generation, the Association has recommended greater transparency in running tenders in Bulgaria for distribution of energy resources.

It will insist also on the reopening of some of the commitments Bulgarian has undertaken in the nuclear power generation sector.

And finally, in the agricultural sector, BIBA offers measures to improve the quality of agricultural lands by building irrigation systems and improving the market principle. Bulgarian businessmen would like to promote Bulgaria as a leading winemaker on world markets.
Says Sasha Bezuhanova: ” We do believe the proposed measures will do credit to any government, as those are objective economic recommendations, based on the commitments assumed by the state under the accession talks. Such partnership is in the best interests of any government, and we have no doubts the next government will rely on the support of Bulgarian business for the implementation of its consistent policies.”


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