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Off plan property

Buying off-plan property in Bulgaria

'Off Plan' purchases have provided excellent returns for many people and in many countries. The real key as to why buying 'Off Plan' can be such a good investment lies in the fact that normally you only have to pay a small amount of the purchase price as a deposit and then often nothing until completion of the property when the rest can be financed with a mortgage if necessary. Mortgages are now available in Bulgaria for foreign buyers and this is sure to increase demand and prices still further.

Buying Off Plan property has benefits for both the developer and the purchaser. The developer is able to attract working capital for the project with less potential reliance on bank finance and the purchaser will generally buy at a discount to the expected market value of the property upon completion and will normally have the option to sell the purchase on even before then.

Bulgaria currently affords many Off Plan purchasing opportunities based mainly in Sofia, in the ski resorts and also on the Black Sea coast.

For ease of reference you can search the database of Off Plan properties being advertised or feel free to visit the web sites of one or more of our site sponsors advertising in your regions of interest. Click the web links you are interested in to be taken to the web sites of the various agents representing developments in these areas. off plan property.

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Off plan property for sale in Bulgaria


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Bulgarian property for sale on the Black Sea- Triumph Holiday Village, St Vlas, Bulgaria